2020 Mite Championship Friday

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Friday 24th 2020

Mite Training Camp Cup Standings

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Welcome to Championship Friday!

Welcome to the third greatest day of the year behind only Christmas and the 4th of July!  Today is the day where heroes are created.  Some player will come up with the last minute goal, or big save to win the Training Camp Cup.  All members of the winning team will get their name engraved on the Training Camp Cup!  They will also return home with a Training Camp Cup Champion hat to make sure that their friends, teammates and family members know that they have bragging rights for at least one year!

Schedule at Edge East Ice Arena

8:00 – 9:40 am   Practice

9:50 – 11:10 am  Championship Game

Game Results from Thursday

White 16 to Blue 16

Game Report

Today’s game was the best game of the week.  The game was very fun to watch, and hopefully foreshadows the epic Championship Friday!  Blue had a four goal lead with seven minutes left.  White slowly chipped away at the lead, and finally tied the game with only twenty two seconds remaining.

TV Viewership

Viewership continues to grow.  We were up to 150 viewers between the Mites and the Peewees on our Facebook live stream.  

Vegas Odds

The line in Vegas did move today.  Both teams are 1.90 – 1.  That means that a $1 bet gets you a $ 1.90.  I guess that Vegas gets it share.


There will not be any trades tomorrow.  The teams are as well matched as we can get them.  We have no idea who will win tomorrow, which will make for some fantastic viewing!

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