2020 Mite Monday Training Camp Cup Report

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No Mile Monday July 20th 2020

Mite Training Camp Cup Standings

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Welcome to the start of the 2020 Training Camp Cup

Locker Room Assignments

There are no locker rooms for players as this is the year of Covid 19.  Illinois is now in Phase 4 of the reopening, and there are still very strict restrictions on locker rooms. In fact when players enter the building they will go to the tunnel and wait to get on the ice.  Parents are not allowed in the arena.


8:00am – 9:30 am                 Practice

9:45 am – 11:20 am                Blue vs. White

Today is No Mile Monday

This is our 4th year of hosting the Mite Training Camp Cup.  This is the first time that we have not had dryland training or the team building exercises.


The Training Camp Cup and Daily Report is happy to announce it has reached a sponsorship agreement with three great companies.  At the end of June a three week agreement was reached with Guac N Tacos, Omega Sign & Lighting, and Verros Berkshire(property tax law firm)..

Guac N Tacos is the official Restaurant of the Training Camp Cup! There are numerous locations, the closest being on North Avenue in Elmhurst.

Omega Sign & Lighting thanks the Training Camp for all its hard work and great successes. Looking forward to all Camps this season and all the fun it brings to the kids!!

Verros Berkshire is proud to be associated with the Training Camp Cup and wishes all of the coaches and skaters a great week ahead! We are excited to see who will win this year’s championship. Best of luck to all!  If your property taxes are too high call Verros Berkshire.

Camp Preview

We do have some returning players to the Training Camp Cup.  Nico Maryniarczyk was last years MVP.  Lucas White is a player that has been very dominant at the mite level.  We expect big things from Lucas.  Tomas Holy is another player that should have a lot of success.  We always have many surprises at camp, and have heard many great things about players like Shea Oleary, Xavier Winkler, Dom Naples, Jesse Flakus, and Chase Kraft.  We are excited to see them.  We did see some of them last year, but there is always a huge difference from year to year.

TV Viewership

All games will be televised on Facebook via live streaming.  Emily Imes films the game from the facebook account of Chris Imes.  She is the one that will accept friendship requests, etc.  

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