2020 Peewee Major Championship Friday

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Championship Friday July 24th 2020

PW Major Training Camp Cup Standings

It must be noted that Blue has 10 points.  They got one point for winning the game in practice

Thursday Game Results

Friday Schedule

12:00 – 1:00 pm Practice

1:10 – 2:00 pm Semi final  Black vs. TBD

2:10 – 3:20 pm Championship Game TBD

Championship Friday

Welcome to the third greatest day of the year behind only Christmas and the 4th of July!  Today is the day where heroes are created.  Which player will come up with the last minute goal, or big save to win the Training Camp Cup?  All members of the winning team will get their name engraved on the Training Camp Cup!  They will also return home with a Training Camp Cup Champion hat to make sure that their friends, teammates and family members know that they have bragging rights for at least one year!

Thursday was the last day of the regular season.  White and Blue have ended the regular season in a tie with 10 points.  Blue picked up one point in the standings for the team building point.  This gives them 10 points.  I have not figured out how to add an extra point in mystatsonline.com for team building. Normally, on Friday we have the egg drop contest that is the end of the regular season.  We have ended the regular season one other time in a tie.  The official TCC rule book is that in case of a tie in points at the end of the regular season a coin is flipped.  The last time this happened we did flip a coin. 

The coin drop will be flipped live on Facebook at 12:58 pm to determine which team gets the automatic bye to the championship game.  The semi final game will then be aired live stream as well with Emily Imes bringing you the video, and Chris Imes doing the play by play and color commentating.  It will make for some great and exciting Facebook TV.  

Game Reports

Game #1

The White Avalanches and the Blue Sabres had a fantastically competitive game, tying 5-5! White goals were scored by Nikolaev (3), Hickman, and Sanfilippo. White assists came from S. Stark (3), Gami, and Nikolaev. Blue goals were scored by V. Menna (2), Webster, Fosco, and Beiermeister. Blue assists came from Fosco (2), Andrikonis, O’leary, and Jacobs. 32 seconds before the game ended, White was winning 5-3 and Vito Menna scored two goals for Blue to tie the game!

Game #2

The Blue Sabres defeated the Black Hawks 6-2! Blue goals were scored by Andrikonis (3), Fosco (2), and Beiermeister. Blue assists came from V. Menna, Fosco, G. Jacobs, and Webster. Black goals were scored by Lulinski and Paschen with an assist from Composono.

Game #3

The Black Hawks won 6-1 against the White Avalanches! Black goals were scored by Paschen (3), Composono, Bogacz, and Degembe. Sullivan Stark scored White’s one goal with assists from White and Pellegrino.

Coaches Thoughts

Dennis Nikolaev picked up a hat trick in the first game! He has had a very strong camp.  The first game of the day was the most entertaining.  If White had won the game they would have advanced to the Championship Game.  Unfortunately, for them the tie forced them to pick up at least a tie to advance.  They could not pick up that point in their game against Black so they will be forced to flip a coin for the automatic bye.

Vito Menna came up huge with the final two goals to tie the game for Blue in the last 32 seconds of the game.  Blue ripped out Whites hearts with that tie.  Will White be able to recover?  

Jack Paschen scored a hat trick in Black vs. White game and picked up another goal vs. Blue for a four goal day!

Max Webster had a strong day.  He scored a big goal to get Blue back in the game.  Will Grane also is playing well and scored a big goal for Black.  N. Pelligrino played well today on Defense for White.


Rosters are frozen.  The teams are all very even.  

TV Viewership

The field is very competitive.  Nobody knows who will win!  It will make for fantastic TV.  Every day our viewership increases.  We are now the most watched live streamed sporting event in Chicago!.  Yesterday we had 203 views.  Chris Imes will do the Play by Play for both games on Championship Friday!


Remember that you can see a lot of different things with these stats.  You can click here and play with the stats.  https://www.mystatsonline.com/hockey/visitor/league/home/home_hockey.aspx?IDLeague=61263

Vegas Odds

The odds did move a little bit.  White and Blue have the same odds of winning.

Blue   2.5 – 1

White 2.5 – 1

Black  5 – 1

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