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No Mile Monday July 20th 2020

Peewee Major Training Camp Cup Standings

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Welcome to the start of the 2020 Training Camp Cup

Locker Room Assignments

There are no locker rooms for players as this is the year of Covid 19.  Illinois is now in Phase 4 of the reopening, and there are still very strict restrictions on locker rooms.  After players enter and go onto the ice they are not allowed to walk through the lobby. This is done to keep contact between camps to a minimum.

Monday and Tuesday Schedule

12:40 pm – 1:40 p m         Practice

1:50 pm – 2:33 pm            Blue vs. White

2:33 pm – 3:17 pm            Blue vs. Black

3:17 pm – 4:00 pm            Black vs. White

Wednesday to Friday Schedule

12:00  pm – 1:00 pm Practice

1:10 pm – 1:53 pm Game 1

1:53 pm – 2:37 pm Game 2

2:37 pm – 3:20 pm Game 3

Today is No Mile Monday

This year is the first year that we have not had Dryland Training or Team Building.  


The Training Camp Cup and Daily Report is happy to announce it has reached a sponsorship agreement with three great companies.  A three week agreement has been reached with Guac N Tacos, Omega Sign & Lighting, and Verros Berkshire.

Omega Sign & Lighting thanks the Training Camp for all its hard work and great successes. Looking forward to all Camps this season and all the fun it brings to the kids!! 

Omega Sign & Lighting have provided players with a draw string bag that comes in very useful for players to keep their items during the camp.  Each player will get one on Monday.

Verros Berkshire is proud to be associated with the Training Camp Cup and wishes all of the coaches and skaters a great week ahead! We are excited to see who will win this year’s championship. Best of luck to all!  If your property taxes are too high call Verros/Berkshire.

Camp Preview

This camp should be a very good one with lots of very talented players.  There are some that will certainly shine.  Luke Composono is always dangerous, and had an excellent camp last year.  Sam Kapotas should be very difficult to score on as well.  Other players that are expected to perform well at this level are Frankie Stark, Dominic Fosco, Drew Gami.  We do have some Training Camp Rookies that could dominate.  Tomasz Lulinski, and Dennis Nikolaev that we have not seen yet.  Some other players that could step up and perform well at this level are Paul Degembe, who just last week automatically made it into the Training Camp Cup Hall of Fame by winning his fifth championship.  Paul has never not won the cup!  Jeffrey Rozanski can put the puck in the net at an incredible rate as well. He holds the record for the amount of goals in a tournament at 22.  Joe Beiermeister is another player to keep an eye on.  

There are always surprises at camp from players that we were not expecting to do as well as they do.  It should be exciting.

TV Viewership

All games are filmed live. They will be on Facebook under Chris Imes.  Emily Imes does the filming as well as accepting friend requests.  


Player stats are kept at the Training Camp Cup. You can find them at this link.  https://www.mystatsonline.com/hockey/visitor/league/home/home_hockey.aspx?IDLeague=61263   You can also type in www.mystatsonline.com/trainingcampcup .  This week you will need to go to the filter button and click on 2020 PW Major

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