2020 PW Major Tuesday Daily Report

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Tuesday July 21st 2020

PW Major Training Camp Cup Standings

Game Results

Game 1 White 5 to Blue 4

Game 2  Black 8 to Blue 5

Game 3 White 4 to Black 4

Today is the last day with the 12:40 start time!

The rest of the week  the schedule remains the same, except we start our day 40 minutes earlier at 12:00 pm.

Here is the schedule for today.

12:40 – 1:40 pm Practice

1:50 – 2:33 pm Game 1

2:33 – 3:17 pm Game 2

3:17 – 4:00 pm Game 3

Game Reports


All of the games were very close, and there were not any transactions

TV Viewership

Our TV Viewership was lower than normal.  We assume that this is because the parents at this level are not that familiar with The Training Camp Cup, and its video feed. It is run through my Facebook account, which I have not looked at in years.  For those that are having difficulty finding it, I believe that you can request to be my friend.  My daughter will accept you, and you should be able to watch the game.  

Vegas Odds

Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas is open! Let’s hope it continues to stay open as that area of the world is getting hit hard by the Covid 19 Virus.  They do not put a line on the Training Camp Cup until Wednesday, when all the trades are completed.


Here is the link: https://www.mystatsonline.com/hockey/visitor/league/home/home_hockey.aspx?IDLeague=61263

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