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Wednesday July 22nd 2020

PW Major Training Camp Cup Standings

It must be noted that Blue has 3 points.  They got one point for winning the game in practice

Tuesday Game Results

Today(Wednesday) 12:00 start time!

The rest of the week  the schedule remains the same! We only start at noon.

Here is the schedule for today.

12:00 – 1:00 pm Practice

1:10 – 1:53 pm Game 1

1:53 – 2:37 pm Game 2

2:37 – 3:20 pm Game 3

Game Reports

Coaches Thoughts

Here are a few things that have stood out to me this week.  Tomasz Lulinski has been a very big surprise. He is currently 4th in the league in scoring.  He is a very smart effective player that sees the ice well.  Drew Gami is a very steady Defenseman, and at this point appears to be one of the top D in the tournament.  Dom Fosco is a sniper.  He is an excellent stickhandler, and he has a very quick release on his laser wrist shot.  Dennis Nikoleav is a very good skater. Luke Composono is effective at all positions.  Coach Greg has him playing forward and Defense.


There was a lot of player movement across the league as we get closer to the trade deadline.  Alex Bogacz got traded to Black, Frank Stark got traded to Black, Dominic Menna was traded to White, and Cal Buenz was traded to Blue!!

TV Viewership

Our TV Viewership has risen substantially.  Yesterday we had 108 views.  That includes the Peewees and Mites.  The games are on Facebook for those of you that have not watched online yet.  On Friday, I plan on doing the color commentating for the Semifinal and Championship game.  We had many positive reviews from last week.  

Vegas Odds

Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas opened the line of the Training Camp Cup with White as the early favorite.  The line always moves over the next few days.  White does have a significant lead in the standings.  They have a four point lead over Black and Blue.  They will be hard to catch in the regular season.  Here are the odds:

White  2.5 – 1

Blue    3 – 1

Black 4 – 1


Here is the link: https://www.mystatsonline.com/hockey/visitor/league/home/home_hockey.aspx?IDLeague=61263

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