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Tuesday July 14th 2020

 Peewee Training Camp Cup Standings

Click Here for Training Camp Cup Standings

The TCC is always trying to make the tournament more exciting, fun and competitive. We moved our stats online.  You will need to filter the stats by division.  Peewees stats and standings are in the Peewee Conference and the Bantams are under Division 1.  We will get better with time.

Game Results

Game 1 Blue 7 to White 3

Game 2 Black 7 to Blue 2

Game 3 Black 6 to White 4


We do need to follow Covid 19 policies more strictly.

  1. Players enter the arena fully dressed, no earlier than 10 minutes before our first ice slot.
  2. Players must wear their face masks entering the arena and while waiting to get on the ice.
  3. When the team steps on the ice they need to bring their water bottles and skate guards to the benches.
  4. When a team is not playing they must wear their mask, and maintain 6 feet of social distance. They will exit the door at the Northwest Corner of the rink and watch the game from there.
  5. When exiting the building they will walk straight out the west doors.

Game Reports

Game #1

Blue won the first game of this week of the Peewee Training Camp Cup! The Blue Ox won 7-3 against the White Walkers. Blue goals were scored by Beckberger (2), Normoyle (2), Guros, Krausfeldt, and Nix. Blue assists came from Bogacz (2), Nix, O’Leary, Krausfeldt, and Verros. White goals were scored by Andrikonis, Steinke, and DiSilvestro, with one White assist coming from Rosen. 

Game #2

  The Black Bears won the second game of the week 7-2 against the Blue Ox! Black goals were scored by Kreidler (2), Stark (2), Dejembe (2), and Rodriguez. Black assists came from Degembe (2), White (2), Menna, and Zviefelhofer. Blue goals were scored by Krausfeldt and Cortez with assists from Guros, O’leary, and Verros. The Black Bears had a fantastic day! Team Black studs; Dejembe, Stark, and Kreidler dominated the intensely competitive opening to this week’s Training Camp Cup.

Game #3

Black won the third game as well, 6-4 against White! Black goals were scored by Kreidler, Jasper, Stark (2), and Degembe. Black assists came from Stark, and Pretzie. White goals were scored by Andrikonis, DiSilvestro, Castaneda, and Malee. White assists came from Fuentes, Zviefelhofer, and Brunetti. 

Coaches Thoughts after First Day!

.Today was the Evan Kreidler and Paul Degembe show.  They were extremely dominant, and it was apparent quickly that to give every team an equal opportunity of winning the championship the two of them needed to be broken up.  Other things that I noticed was that Jackson Jasper is a very good two way defenseman.  In fact Black has an outstanding D corps, and a trade was needed.  Beckberger had a couple of goals, and has adjusted well to the higher pace.  Stark put up big numbers.  The Desilvestro goal from Fuentes was the nicest play of the day.  Rozanski was held scoreless.  Will the trade for Kreidler reignite this goal scorer?  

TV Viewership

Our TV Viewership set records today.  We had 140 people viewing The Training Camp Cup. That is combined with the Peewee Training Camp Cup, which is run earlier. It is run through my Facebook account, which I have not looked at in years.  For those that are having difficulty finding it, I believe that you can request to be my friend.  My daughter will accept you, and you should be able to watch the game.  Later on in the week we will have Coach Greg Gombarczyk, and possible me do the color commentating!

Vegas Odds

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is open! Let’s hope it continues to stay open as that area of the world is getting hit hard by the Covid 19 Virus.  They do not put a line on the Training Camp Cup until Wednesday, when all the trades are completed.


Evan Kreidler and Chris Pretzie were traded to the White Walkers in exchange for Andrew Boucher and Marco Castaneda.

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