Squirt Report, July 17th 2019



Wednesday July 17th, 2019

Squirt Training Camp Cup Standings

Team      W   L     T         Team Building          Total

White       2 0   2 2                       8  

Blue    1       0 3             1                 5                          

Black 0 3      1 1.5 3.5

Locker Rooms

Red  5

White 6

Black  7

Welcome to day three of the Squirt Training Camp Cup!

Today we do our on ice testing.  The tests that we do are the 50 foot top speed test, and the 80 foot acceleration test.  We do have sonar timing devices that are accurate up to .003 seconds. This test does let you know if speed is something that you need to work on.

Squirt Daily Schedule

9:00 – 9:15 Arrival

9:40 – 11:10 am Practice

11:30 – 12:30 pm Dryland Training at John St.

12:30 – 1:00 pm Lunch at John St.

1:00 – 1:40 pm Team Building at John Street

2:10 – 2:53 pm Game #1

2:53 – 3:35 pm Game #2

3:35 – 4:20 pm Game #3

Rosters are Frozen

The rosters were frozen last night at 12:00 pm cst.  There was one blockbuster trade. Christian White was traded to Black in exchange for Mike Zundell.

Team Building 

Black picked up .5 pts and White picked up a point in both the toilet bowl challenge and the bull ring challenge.  They now have a three point lead with two days left of the regular season

Game Reviews

Game 1: Black 3 vs. Blue 6

After a tight battle and scoreless 13 minutes, Blue drew first blood with Winkler taking advantage of a pass from Adrikonis on the powerplay!  Then the flood gates opened, with goals almost every minute for the next 3 minutes, Andrikonis from Albergo, from White and last one unassisted.  It was Brunetti answering back for the Black team like a lightning bolt and sweet stick work to energize the team. Fuentes came on with another goal unassisted just two minutes later.  Andrikonis was possessed and answered with a shorthanded goal to make it 5-2. Then the battling continued and goalies were solid in net. Brunetti knocked another goal in with three minutes left in the game with a powerplay goal, but Cortez hit Andrikonis again to put the nail in the coffin for he first game.

Game 2: Black 1 vs. White 3

Black was ready to come out and light the lamp, and had a ton of passing and close shots, but after 18 minutes and the White team battling to get a biscuit in the basket, Keich connected with Menna to bury the first goal on a greasy goal.  As soon as Coach Imes dropped the puck the teams resumed the battling and four minutes later Wagner connected with Feely that fed Malee to bury the puck with a sweet glove side goal. The Black team was not out of it for a second and the teams battled for another 8 minutes before Blanchett took it almost coast to coast like a beast, to bury it with eight minutes left, unassisted.  With a one goal differential both teams were sweating with Keich taking upon himself to drop the dime on the game with 1 minute left, throwing a wobbler down the lane landing the KO to the black team for the second game of the day! 

Game 3: Blue vs. White  TIED at 6

With both Blue and White coming off of strong games, they were loaded for bear going into the final game of the day.  As the passing was flowing and lines continued to roll, each team traded shots and either could have dropped the first goal.  The puck rolled toward Keich and he took off like it was his only job- straight to the net and popped it glove side to land it in the goal for the White team.  For the next ten minutes it seemed like a blizzard of shots with a flurry of goals. Cortez took a pass from Andrikonas to the goal and soft handed it past the goalie.  Manna hit Feely with a pass a foot off the ice and knocked it in to answer back for White to stay ahead 2-1. Albergo airmailed one to Cortez to even it up for the Blue team again.  Andrikonas found his groove and nailed one unassisted and then took next one from Albergo to give Blue a 4-2 lead! The Blizzard was temporarily over when Menna took a powerplay goal all the way home and Rosen dropped the dinner basket off at the front door, tying the game at 4 each.  It would be ten minutes and the lightning quick stick of Cortez to move ahead 5-4 for the Blue team. SEVEN seconds later Tinerella caught Manna on a rocket pass to bring it back tied. Just thirty seconds later the duo nailed another one to the boards with another goal, giving the White team a good shot at winning with just 2:38 left.  Andrikonas wanted to make sure the Blue team had a chance to win and really wants to put the names on the Training Cup trophy, burying a goal with 1:02 left. Bringing both teams to a frantic pace to bury the game winning goal, but time ticked down and both teams left with an empty tank and a tie.

TV Viewership

TV viewership was up on Live Barn to watch the games yesterday.  Thirty people logged on to watch the exciting games yesterday. Last year was the first year that we tracked viewership, and it always goes up as the week moves on.

Vegas Odds

Once the rosters were frozen Ceasars Palace quickly set the odds for Championship Friday.  The professional gamblers that they are usually right on. They put a lot of money on Blue and overnight the odds dropped.  They must really like Coach Tinerella‚Äôs ability to match lines, and his ability to create time and space for his top line of Andrikonis, Cortez, and Alberga.

Here are the current odds:

Blue  2-1

White 3.5 -1

Black 6-1

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