Midget Report, July 31st, 2019

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Midget Training Camp Cup Standings

Wednesday Morning July 31st, 2019

Team      W   L     T         Team Building          Total

White       3 1   0 2                       7 

Red    2       2 0             1                 5                                                                 Black 1 3      0 3 4

Welcome to Wednesday.  Today is Testing Day!

Schedule Midget Training Camp Cup

9:00 – 9:15 Arrival

9:40 – 11:10 am Practice

11:25 – 12:10 pm Dryland Training

12:10 – 12:35 pm Lunch

12:35 – 1:05 pm Team Building

1:30 – 2:20 pm Game #1 White vs. Black 

2:30 – 3:25 pm Game #2 White vs. Red

3:25 – 4:20 pm Game #3 Black vs. Red

Transaction Report

Rosters have been frozen.  There were no transactions yesterday.

Team Building Results

The first team building challenge we did today was called Helium Stick. In their teams they needed to lower a yard stick from chest height to the floor with it only resting on their fingers. Sounds easy? In theory all it should take is gravity, but more often than not the stick would begin to rise, and people’s fingers would no longer touch it. The levels of frustration were high, but all three teams eventually were able to lower the Helium Stick. The second challenge of the day was Bull Rings. In this challenge, the teams had to transport a golf ball, which rested on a small metal ring with strings attached, from the starting point over 20 yards to a pipe and tip the ball onto it by maneuvering the strings. After a few unsuccessful tests, they seemed ready for the challenge. White were in the lead for most of it, but a hiccup here and there allowed Black to overtake them for the win. There was some controversy about inaccurate counting, but the final decision stands, and Black get the two points.

Game Reviews

Game #1 Black vs Red 3:7

The teams battled hard without a goal for the first fifteen minutes until Nick Tinerella put away an easy finish after Grimaldi’s shot came off the goalie’s pad. Andrew Zimmerman added to the lead less than a minute later (assisted by Rozanski). Rozanski then had a goal of his own after cleaning up in front of goal (assisted by Coyte). Nahumyk made it four goals, firing his shot top corner (assisted by Grimaldi). Andrew Zimmerman scored again to make it five unanswered goals with calm and collected finish (assisted by Santangelo). Black put their first on the board through Pondelicek with an absolute smash that took the goalie’s glove off and went in (assisted by Ryan). Grimaldi cleaned up in front of net to make it 6:1 (assists by Nick Tinerella from Nahumyk). Pondelicek was on the board again with an unassisted accurate blast of a shot. Ulmer made it three goals for White when he weaved his way through the defense and slipped it by with a backhand with just about 30 seconds to go. Nick Tinerella scored the last goal of the game with 12 seconds (assist by Grimaldi) to finish 7:3 to Red.

Game #2 Black vs White 4:3

Ulmer opened the scoring for Black when he smashed his shot under the bar (assisted by Griffin from Alex Tinerella). Parker added to Black’s lead when he buried a rebounding puck off the back wall (assists by Ryan from Pondelicek) and then scored again (assists by Ryan from Imes) to make it 3:0. Doshi sparked life into White when he finished a play with a shot top corner (assists from Jenkyns from Sanfilippo). Pawinski further cut the lead down to one after an unassisted strike found home in the net. Nelapa tied it up after the Black defense was picked and he received the puck from Doshi. The game came down to the final seconds in what looked like what was going to be a draw until Ryan finished a shot after the puck rebounded off the goalie’s helmet (assisted by Alex Tinerella) to give Black the win at 4:3.

Game #3 Red vs White 1:4

White struck first after relentless attacking Red’s goal though Keich (assisted by Sanfilippo). Harcarik was on fire for White this game, scoring his first of the game from the right wing (assits by Jenkyns from Pawinski). Harcarik scored his second after the puck rebounded off the goalie’s leg pads (assisted by Nelapa). Coyte pulled a goal back for Red with 53 seconds to go, finishing up a scrap in front of the goal (assists by Rozanski from Grimaldi). White answered with a last second goal of their own once again through Harcarik when he scored on an empty net (assisted by Pawinski) to end the game 4:1 to White.

Vegas Odds

Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas put the line on the tournament as soon as the rosters were frozen at midnight Central Standard Time last night.  With the standings as even as they are they started out 3-1 for each team. It did not take long for the majority of the gamblers putting money on Red to make the line to move to Red.

Red  2.5 -1

White 3.5 – 1

Black 4 – 1

Leading Goal Scorers in Tournament

Pondelicek 6

Grimaldi 5

Nahumyk 4

Pawinski 4

Ryan 4

Parker 4

Harcarik 4

N. Tinerella 3

Sanfilippo 2

Ulmer 2

Rozanski 2

Zimmerman 2

Keich 2

Nelapa 2

Players with most points in Tournament

Grimaldi 11

N. Tinerella 8

Pawinski 8

Pondelicek 7

Nahumyk 6

Ryan 7

A Tinerella 5

Jenkyns 5

Rozanski 5

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