Peewee Report, July 25th, 2019



Thursday July 25th, 2019

Peewee Training Camp Cup Standings

Team      W   L     T         Team Building          Total

Blue    4       1 1             2                 11

White       3 2   1 1                       8                       Black 1 5      0 4 6

Blue has taken a three point lead in the standings.  There are still six team building points and four game points available before a regular season champion is crowned.

Jeffrey Rozanski has 17 goals in the tournament.  He needs to score one more to tie Hale Zyung’s record of 18, and two to break the record.  He has a three game minimum to accomplish that feet.


Peewee Minor Training Camp

8:00 – 9:30 am         Practice

9:45 – 10:30 am Dryland Training 

10:30 – 10:50 am Lunch 

10:50 – 11:30 am Team Building

11:50 – 12:33pm Blue vs. White

12:33 – 1:15 pm Blue vs. Black

1:15 – 2:00 pm White vs. Black

Testing Results

Hale Zyung was the fastest at the top speed test, and he tied the record for the squirt level with a 1.91.  Hale had lots of company at that level of speed. Both Boucher and Keefe timed at 1.92. Degembe and Zorovich at 1.93.  Christian White at 1.94

In the acceleration test Paul Degembe had the fastest time at 3.99. The next best times were by Lim, Zorovich, Keich, White, Shorter, and Kreidler.

Team Building Results

Yesterday we did the circle word challenge, and Black won that challenge with only moments to spare over White.  Black and Blue also picked up points on the paper airplane contest.  

Game Review 

Game #1  White beats Black  6-3

White was in control of this game from the start.  They jumped out to a 4-0 lead, and then went on cruise control after that.  Krausfeldt scored two, Blanchett, Oleary, Winkler, Nahumyk, and Keefe also scored for White.  Blue got their goals from Webster and Kreidler.

Game #2   White ties Blue 8-8

What an exciting game this was.  Imburgia tied the game with :34 seconds left on the clock.  There was a great chance at the buzzer to win it as well. White had goals by Wagner(2) Imburgia(2), Shorter(2), and Keefe and Krausfeldt.  Blue had goals by Zorovich(2), Rozanski(4), Degembe, and Lim.  

Game #3  Blue beats Black 5-4

This game was very controversial at the end.  Black appeared to tie the game with 24 seconds left, but the goal was disallowed.  Blue goals were scored by Zyung, Lim(2), Rozanski, and Ailing. Black had their goals scored by Nahumyk(2), Keich, and Bogacz.

TV Viewership

Viewership on LiveBarn continuing to grow as the week goes on.  We had 73 viewers yesterday. 

Player is added to Black Team

The Black team filed a petition to add a player due to the fact that their record is 1-5 in games played.  The petition was granted by the commissioner, and Sullivan Stark is now on the Black team. Aidan S. is also replacing Marcel Rodak.

Vegas Odds

Blue is now the heavy favorite to win the tournament.  Their lead in the standings is growing. The payout is not that great though..  

Blue 1.5 to 1

White 3    to 1

Black 6    to 1

Leading Goal Scorers in Tournament

Rozanski 17

Krausfeldt   8

Kreidler   7

Blanchett   5

Keefe   5

T. Shorter   4

K. Imburgia   4

Lim   4

Nahumyk   3

Bogacz   3

D. Jacobs                   3

Zorovich           3

Zyung   3

Degembe   3

Rodriguez   3

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