Squirt Report, July 17th, 2019



Wednesday July 17th, 2019

Squirt Training Camp Cup Standings

Team      W   L     T         Team Building          Total

White       2 2   2 3                       9  

Blue    2       1 3             1                 8                          

Black 2 3      1 2.5 7.5

Locker Rooms

Red  5

White 6

Black  7

Welcome to the regular season final of the Squirt Training Camp Cup!

Only 1.5 points separate the first and last place teams, and the automatic bye to the championship game.  The standings appear to be crucial for this tournament. Mastermind Coach Rosario Tinerella has been outcoaching his opponents by using last change even when he is the visiting team.  Coach Williams finally figured it out and handed Blue their first loss of the regular season by matching up to shut Blues high scoring line down. Coach Marks was a very bright student in the classroom, will he be able to figure out the matchup game that Tinerella plays??

Today and tomorrow we will be adjusting for the impending heat wave.  We do want to test the 40 yd dash outside, but may move dryland inside to the Bensenville cooling center Edge Ice Arena

Testing Results

Andrikonis, Christian White, Miller, Keich and Beckberger all tested below 2 seconds in the 50 foot top speed test. 

Fast Charlie Keich once again proved why we call him fast Charlie by winning the 80 ft. acceleration test with a time of 4.02 seconds.  He was followed by Beckberger, Miller, Christian White, Andrikonis and Guros.

Squirt Daily Schedule

9:00 – 9:15 Arrival

9:40 – 11:10 am Practice

11:30 – 12:30 pm Dryland Training at John St.

12:30 – 1:00 pm Lunch at John St.

1:00 – 1:40 pm Team Building at John Street

2:10 – 2:53 pm Game #1

2:53 – 3:35 pm Game #2

3:35 – 4:20 pm Game #3

Team Building 

Black and White once again picked up points in the team building competitions.  The Menna family has proven to be the best paper airplane builders in camp. Black won the bottle flipping contest.  

Game Reviews

Game 1: Black 3 vs. White 2

The competition on Wednesday was fierce, and the White team was riding high after Vito Menna’s plane piloted them to the Team Building point, and the Black team won the water bottle flipping competition to take the other point for the day.  Wagner broke open the scoring from a laser accurate pass from Guros. Looking like White would continue their march with a good handful of shots that all went blocked by the Black team and then Brunetti answered with a great pass from Blanchette with 18 minutes left in the game.  But Rosen wasn’t going to have any of it, she took it down and dinged it off of the goalies helmet to score the next goal and make it 2-1. Blanchette hit Brunetti again to tie it up and with nine minutes left, looked like it was deadlocked, back and forth with the passes, shots on goal, blocked shots.  Then Mr. White shot off the bench and took the go ahead goal to make it 3-2 for the Black team.

Game 2: Blue 4 vs. White 1

Coming off a tough loss, White was going to come back with a vengeance!  Blue was ready and loaded for a big game. Andrikonas lit the lamp with a pass from Cortez after just a minute in the  game, setting the tone for the next 5 minutes. Cortez connected again with Andrikonas would connect again four minutes later.  Then Cortez took it down alone to make it 3-0! It was almost 10 minutes later before White would come to the board with a goal, with Wagner taking a long pass from Menna to throw it past the goalie.  Only to have Andrikonas receive another pass from Cortez to make it 4-1.

Game 3: Blue 6 vs. Black 7

It was another exciting game to bring the final game of the day to a crazy 00:00:1 finish.  Cortez led off the gong show with a goal within four minutes of the first puck drop. Cortez then threw a saucer to Andrikonas for another goal for the Blue team.  The goal shooting clinic wasn’t over yet, Andrikonas wanted to give a solid back to Albergo and just like that- 3-0! Maynard took it upon himself, possessed and scored for the Black team, and a short 30 seconds later Blanchett lit the lamp with a greaser from Hyland.  Andrikonas decided to add to his tally with another goal a minute later. Hyland liked that goal scoring feeling so much, he decided to come back scoring again brought it 4-3. Black answered back with a solid pass from Blanchette to Brunetti ending with White putting the baby in the basket, making the score 4-4.  With nine minutes left Cortez tallied another goal for Blue, with Beckberger answering back a minute later for the Black team. Blanchette took the go ahead goal for the Black, but then a couple minutes later Andrikonus tied it up again! With the time ticking down and less than 5 seconds left, there was a scrum in front of the goal and at the last second of the game the goal was scored, Coach Imes blew the whistle and Beckberger had switched a pass to Maynard to make the final goal, bringing the black team ahead of Blue for the exciting game finale for the day!

TV Viewership

TV viewership was up on Live Barn to watch the games yesterday.  Thirty people logged on to watch the exciting games yesterday. Last year was the first year that we tracked viewership, and it always improves as the week goes on.  We had 35 viewers tune into the excitement.

Vegas Odds

Once the rosters were frozen Ceasars Palace quickly set the odds for Championship Friday.  The professional gamblers that they are usually right on. They put a lot of money on Blue and overnight the odds dropped.  They must really like Coach Tinerella’s ability to match lines, and his ability to create time and space for his top line of Andrikonis, Cortez, and Alberga.

Here are the current odds:

Blue  2-1

White 3.5 -1

Black 6-1

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